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I like doing wallpapers. They kind of make me happy. For this reason, I am posting this here for you to download and use. Enjoy!


© Alma Hoffmann


What Is Your Why

© Alma Hoffmann

Large wallpaper
Medium wallpaper
Phone wallpaper


Take It Easy

© Alma Hoffmann

2532 x 1685
1920 x 1080
1280 x 1024
iPhone 7+
iPhone 7


Start Fresh Wallpaper

start fresh wallpaper


Hello wallpaper
Hello wallpaper: © Alma Hoffmann

iPad pro
iPad Air
iPhone 7+
iPhone 7





  1. LaQuise Mitchell
    August 3

    Hello bless lady what a wonderful beautiful newsletter sorry for just reading it I just got it in my email love the wall paper art and the message they are very powerful and up lifting I tried to guess the background silly me was thinking of a peach lol? was no where near of what it was your words of encouragement and creativity in your art describes passion love and heart looking forward in collecting your work it’s definitely to me one of a kind!?‍??

    • August 4

      Thank you so much LaQuise!! Very much appreciated!! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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