The W. In 2006, SECAC was held in Nashville, TN at Vanderbilt University. One of the sessions was about bookmaking titled The Art of Bookmaking in the 21st Century. It was a very interesting session. Among the speakers was Charles D. Jones from Stephen F. Austin State University  and director of LaNana Creek Press. He talked about a very interesting project titled Shakespear’s Pound: Illuminated Cantos by Dorothy Shakespear and Ezra Poundt.

This project caught my attention because it was a testimony to the love for typography and letterpress. In their own words on the LaNana Creek Press’ website it reads:

Charles Jones who directed all aspects of its design and execution created this book at the LaNana Creek Press in 1999. The text matter is set in Monotype using Gill Sans for the Cantos, Joanna for the other text and Perpetua for display. The paper is Magnani Biblios, mould made, white wove with Hahnemule end sheets. The edition of 250 were quarter bound with Harmatan’s tan leather with Japanese book cloth over boards and slip cased. The images were printed from photo polymer plates.

At their presentation they had some proofs to give away and I was able to get one. Here are some pictures of it.


But the story of how this W came to be is most fascinating. The W that had been designed by Dorothy Shakespear had been lost. This sheet shows another W. Once found, the page was replaced on the book. You can read it below.


Isn’t typography and its stories beautiful? Type is not just setting text, there is always a story behind each page.

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