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I teach a class titled Design Issues at Harrington College of Design in Chicago. This semester the class is more like an Independent Study because there are only two students. However, every Wednesday night we engage in lively conversations and it is rare that we leave the room on time. We have a good time talking and interacting. This last Wednesday, the students were making observations about each other’s work. I was thinking there was a lot of information to keep track of, and I started to jot down some notes in one of their sketches.

While jotting down some quick notes to help them remember, my students noticed the letter q I quickly jotted down. I usually write in print partly because I had always been envious of how architects write on their blue prints. One of the words I wrote had the letter q. This letter q brought a LOT of conversation and my students told me that my letter q looked like a person. That intrigued me and I started writing a bunch of other letters while we were talking.

“well what is the history of the letter q anyway?”

There are two things that intrigued me about our jovial interaction: the fact that my letter q may look like a person to them but it had never looked like a person to me, and the fact that this could be an interesting subject to explore. Thus, I told my students I am going to blog about this! And here we are, you are reading about my letter q today! But let me show you my letter q. I used my drawing tablet to draw a few people or write a few letter qs. See below: