Our field trip to Gwin’s Commercial Printing

Hi all,

Last Wednesday was this semester’s last day of classes for my Typography class at USA. At the beginning of the semester I had told them we would do a couple of field trips. We were able to do one the first Friday of October but the second one was still hanging in the balance. That is, I had not heard back from my contact at Gwin’s Commercial Printing. I thought things got too busy for the print shop and they could not get back to me. However, towards the end of October, I hear from Mike Payne, the owner of the print shop. He is a super sweet man and as soon as he realized our plans to visit the shop didn’t materialize, he emailed me. So, we planned a field trip for the last day of classes. I told my class, that this was a great opportunity to let it pass. They all agreed and off we went!

The field trip was a blast! We had a lot of fun but unfortunately were short on time. We got lost with GPS and all, mind you. So, we tried to cover all we could but there are so many things in the print shop to look at and learn about, that I felt sad we had to go. If you are from the south, you must visit Gwin’s. They have a nice selection of old letterpress type and its cabinets along with die cuts of all kinds. Plus they show the students how the printed plates are created to actually print on paper later. Or they show the students the cutting machine that always gets a reaction from the students because of its speed and precision. A very impressive machine. Oh! And the paper samples! Those are always beautiful pieces to look at!

I took some pictures this time of old die cuts, paint being mixed, the letterpress machine and other old things that us typographers are really interested in. So here are some of my photos. Enjoy!

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