I am back!


It has been a while, hasn’t it? March came and left and now we are almost approaching the middle of April. I needed a break due to working on taking photos of my work to be sold at Saatchi Art online and other projects. I had not realized how time-consuming it is to take good, really good pictures that look decent of artwork. In the process of course, I learned a lot about it but it took some time to get them all in a more or less decent looking way.

Taking photos of large-scale work is in two words: not simple. The lighting has to be on point, the alignment of the work and the camera, stepping back to find the right distance, and well, it bears repeating, the lighting. I know it may be hard to believe that it could take so long. But well, having no assistants and no professional lights, I had to wait for the right time of day and putting them up and down each time, well, it adds up.

I think I can safely say that time management has been a challenging task this semester. However, the semester is wrapping up and I am eagerly waiting to the summer months to re-energize. As I am writing this, I realize I am rambling a bit and need focus. But, I would ask you to be patient and hang in there. I am back and will be writing more often again. For now, let me tell you what I am grateful for today.

why not try these out I am grateful for my Typography class. They have been working on a project where they take content and design it in different ways. In this project, they learn to look a lot at detail: widows, use of hyphens, grids, color, and hierarchy. It is a good project that by isolating the variables that make typographic hierarchy, it teaches them that hierarchy is not just about making something big. Rather is a concept that encompasses at least the six variables they were studying: proximity (space), weight, size, size and weight, color, and visual punctuation. It has been very rewarding to see their projects evolve from sketches to today, the due date. To commemorate, one of the students made a strawberry triple layer cake. She had announced this in class last week and some of us brought food, cookies (my daughter baked them cookies from scratch), chips, etc.. One of the students brought tea! We had a good time sitting outside and hanging out.

my review here I am grateful because my daughter and my son have been very supportive of me lately. They simply started showing me appreciation in small and simple ways. They always did it but there was something different about it these last few days. It was not prompted, spontaneous, and heart warming.

I am grateful because the activity the college committee I am part of, is finally taking place this Thursday. I am really excited and hope it all turns out nicely.



Photo by domeckopol (Pixabay)

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  1. Claudia
    April 12

    I’m glad you are back!
    I’m excited to hear about how the event turns out.

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