Last Sunday, on our way to church we saw a garage sale. Garage sales are usually a thing for Fridays and Saturdays. It seemed to be a big sale. On our way home from church, we made a point to stop and take a look. This was a garage sale of 5 or 6 long time friends who were like sisters. They joined all of their stuff to sell it and everything was super cheap! But for a moment, though I was intrigued, I did not see anything I liked. I usually find cool plates, bowls, or last year I found a vintage typewriter that could still work if my hubby got around to fix it for me.

As I kept looking at the different tables I saw a few things that called my attention. They had a good collection of 45’s. If you don’t know what those are, they are small vinyl records that feature one song per side. I would have bought a few but they were sitting on the sun and it was hot, so I figured the exposure to the heat would probably warp them if they were not damaged or warped already. I used to have a good collection of all the hits from the ’70’s in 45’s. I kind of wish I still had them.

I kept looking and I came across something unusual. Or at least unusual to me. They had sitting on corner 4 coffee cups and several saucers that match. These cups and saucers did not look like the cheap ones at any garage sale. These items looked nice, sophisticated, expensive, and classy. I was intrigued. I asked how much for them, and they told me to take it all for a dollar. I had to ask this question about five times much to their amusement. But I wanted to be sure because though I know nothing about china, these items looked expensive and their condition was flawless. Well, I bought all the cups (there were only 4 and 4 saucers— though now I wish I had taken them all!).

basics I had to ask this question about five times much to their amusement.

When I got home I did an online search. And much to my surprise, I scored quite the deal. The cups and saucers are Noritake. Noritake is a Japanese china made by the Morimura Company of Japan. As I have been reading about them more, I am still in disbelief that I scored these items, for a dollar! It turns out that the Morimura company made about ten styles and some of them break down to even more styles within.

What I like the most about this china or porcelain (I just learned that in Europe the term porcelain is preferred while in the U.S., the term china is more commonly used), is that it is not heavily decorated with flowers and ornate patterns. I tend to like things that are understated, simple, classy, and bound to look good at any time. This china does that for me. It is black and white and the pattern is a rose pattern in two tones of black; one matte and the rose is glossy on top. I just love them! Take a look:

I also did a search for replacements since this model, Sharon, is not available at the stores. They were made between 1978-1986 and are discontinued now. You can find some on Ebay and other places but of course, completing the set is probably very expensive. For now, I am looking forward to having someone over for coffee so I can use my beautiful Noritake Sharon china cups and saucers. I even promise to offer cookies or toast. Or if you prefer tea, I will have coffee while you savor your tea! They are really beautiful pieces. The photos do not make them justice. The best part? They do not have a scratch on them. And remember, I only paid a dollar for these beauties!

find more info I am grateful for my vintage Noritake Sharon set. Love it.

I am grateful because my Typography class’ last project was amazingly well done! In general, they did so well!

I am grateful because tomorrow is the last day of classes and I am very excited for the summer! I am planning to write and do artwork and I hope I can stick to this plan. I am also looking forward to the swim meets!

Photo by ali edwards

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