Best links of December Part I

Quetiapine online prescription Hello! The month is only half way through but there are so many good links already that I had to do a two-part post. Not sure what it is, if it is the holidays or what, but things are really interesting on the Internet! From a site that helps you with what to wear according to a city’s weather to icons that change colors, a CMYK puzzle, an online spirograph, things are just too interesting to wait until next month! Consider it my early holiday present to you! Take a look at these gems and let me know your thoughts!

Christmas related links or gift ideas:
  1. For those of us who are either lazy or can’t fold paper, this is a godsend: Paper Snowflake Make
  2. Create your own advent calendar
  3. The perfect gift for the designer in your life who also happens to like puzzles. The CYMK color puzzle
  4. Also for the designer in your life who may also like card games: Spectrix, a color card game.
  5. For that designer in your life who loves spices and loves to draw. The Cinnibird pen will allow them to enjoy drawing while seasoning any meal or drink
  6. Every day of advent, a Xmas symbol is explained
  7. Better than email and more personal, Send a Message sends any message to anyone on the Internet. Perfect for that loved one or friend who is far away this season. Or simply to say anything.
  8. Traveling this holiday and not sure what to wear? Daily Dress Me is here to help. Type in your city and the site will give you suggestions. Refresh and you will get more suggestions. Not just for women. There is a male option too.
Need to brush up on some design history and refresh your process?
  1. Check Aaron Draplin’s take on logo design
  2. Can you name the first female typographer? I couldn’t either. Check this installment on I Love Typography: The First Female Typographer
  3. Dreading all the family time during the holidays? Check out these design winter camps. You may have found the perfect excuse to get away.
  4. Every now and then, we all hit that spot where we stare at the blank sketchbook page or the blank monitor. Feel that way this season, check out this site and the Unstuck app
  5. Sometimes we need a design interpreter around us to help us with the rest of the mortals around us. If that is the case, check out this Urban Dictionary of Design Slang. It is hilarious.
  6. Are you a comic nerd? Feeling the loss of years and years of comics? Fear no more.
    A Repository of Thousands of Free Comics in the Digital Comic Museum.
  7. Check this irreverent post about making GIFS: 7 Tips for Designing Awesome GIFS.
And speaking of GIFS, let’s see what’s going on the Internet about that:
  1. There are indeed many ways to create GIFS. But did you know you can also make them on YouTube? Me neither. Making GIFS on YouTube
  2. Nice site where every day you get a new triangle animation. Take a look:
  3. Speaking of which. Check this one out for geometric animations. It will blow your mind. You are welcome.
  4. Need to update your slide galleries in your site? A JavaScript gallery. Very nicely done:
  5. Are you a font nerd and love animations? Well, hello then! Pick a font and animate. Built by Extensis:
For fun, lots of fun:
  1. Icons that change colors? Check Kamaleon
  2. Maybe you are too young to remember this. If not, you will be delighted to see an online version and an app too. If you never had one when you were a child, no worries, we got you covered. Spirograph

And lastly, the best social cause campaign. Take a look.

What do you think? It is hard to pin down to the best 5 links for a month when there is so much richness traveling the interwebs. Let me know what you think.






















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