Best Links for October 2016

A little later than usual, but better late than never. The month of October brought us very interesting links and content. Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we?

Let me start with sharing with you that I am writing a book about sketching. For the book’s development, I developed a survey for design educators, design students, and design practitioners. Your help participating and/or spreading the work would be greatly appreciated. Here is the link to the survey.


Khoi Vinh recently interviewed Eli Schiff on his role as a designer and critic. According to Vinh, Schiff has been causing stir in the design community with his poignant articles. Vinh’s interviews focuses on Schiff’s motivations and interest in design criticism. One quote that I found fascinating was this one:

…few have the patience to research history and theory, let alone a desire to publish their perspectives. What differentiates me as a professional critic is being compelled to maintain a critical practice as a living.

Privacy issues and Yahoo
This article not need any introduction since the title says it all. Read Yahoo is spying on its users for the NSA, so here’s how to delete your account.

Graphics illustrations or the prequel to infographics, and sketches

Brain Pickings recently published the following article, Goethe’s Graphically Daring Diagrams of Color Perception. The diagrams are beautiful and worth reading about how Goethe came to think of these diagrams.

I find sketches done by architects to be not just beautifully done but also eloquent. There is a sophistication to them that I think I envy. This post by Architizer, Architects’ Sketchbooks: Le Corbusier is short but powerful. Take a look.

Did you ever realize that chairs are designed and as such they are sketched? This article talks about a competition to design chairs and they do so by sketching and sketching quite a lot. Read The Importance of Drawing Chairs: Wilsonart Student Chair Design Competition.

A sketch hack? Yes, please! Read Ingenious Hack for Sketching with Two Point Perspective Using an Elastic String.

My favorite sketchnoter, Eval Lotta-Lam wrote a chapter for the book Drawn together through Visual Practice. She also posted it on Medium. Read Visual Improvisation — How improvising influences my sketchnoting. It relates sketchnoting to theater improvisation. I loved it. It reminds me of dancing and design.


Love classical music? Then, you will enjoy this: Hear All of Mozart in a Free 127-Hour Playlist.


Kodak returned to its branding roots. The new logo is a throwback to their original 1970’s logo. Take a look.

Well, perhaps branding is more interesting if we add politics to it. Read the following article, What The WikiLeaks Emails Reveal About Branding Hillary.


Some believe that the path to being creative is one of difficulty. However, it turns out that cheerfulness is a better path along with learning to be more creative. Read To Be More Creative, Cheer Up.

Technology and Design

Ever wonder what if your clothes changed color while you are wearing them? Well, soon enough you will be seeing it around. Read this article: New Tech Would Let You Change Outfits Without Changing Your Clothes.

On shame and beating ourselves up

We all do it, right. We all agree it is not productive or even healthy but we do it. Then read this short but powerful post by Seth Godin, Beating Yourself Up.

Typography and Politics

Leave it to designers to come up with quirky and sassy ways to deal with our political chaos. BuzzFeed commissioned designer Mark Davis to create a font based on Donald Trump’s handwriting and it is hilarious. Read Donald Trump’s Crazy Handwriting Is Now A Free Font Called Tiny Hand.

And of course on politics a very insightful tweet I came across through swissmiss:

The test of your principles is not whether you stick to them when your peers will applaud you for it, but whether you do when they’ll attack you for it.

Read about the font designed to read stocks indexes, Retina. How A Micro-Font Designed For Stock Indexes Became A Classic.


Allyson Kapin, founder of Women Who Tech published a great article on Medium recently titled 100 Women in Tech and Founders to Follow on Twitter. Take a look.

On the shortcomings of technology and AI an insightful report from The Verge titled Twitter taught Microsoft’s AI chatbot to be a racist asshole in less than a day.


Well, we all love Pixar. They make fabulous and technically sophisticated movies. But what do they do in their free time? Well, they just make another movie. Take a look: Pixar animators spent 5 years making this devastatingly beautiful short film in their spare time.

Intellectual Property

Apple vs Samsung The Biggest Design Law Case Of The Century Is A Total Mess. And it goes on.

Design Jobs

Ever wonder what jobs will disappear in a few decades? It is worth thinking about it. Read this article, A Complete Guide To Getting A Design Job In 2030. Coding is not going away and it seems that the sooner we get on that bandwagon, the better off we will be.

Personal Projects

Ever indulge in personal projects? I used to think that I did not have time for that. That is until I tried dedicating a certain amount of time to learn something and/or practice. 99U published this nice article titled The 5 Types of Personal Projects (And How You Can Justify Pursuing Them). Worth reading.

Famous Designers

Elaine Lustig Cohen, widow of Alvin Lustig, recently passed away. Read her bio here.


Ever wonder if you were the only person having trouble getting ketchup out of the bottle? Well, there is a reason for it. Read Ketchup Physics 101.

There are wine sommeliers and yes, there are water sommeliers. Watch There Is Such a Thing as a Water Sommelier.


Hate emails? Yes, they can get tedious. But there is help. Elle And Company has come up with scripts for various types of emails. Read The Ultimate Script Library for Creative Entrepreneurs.



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