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December is here! And with it, holiday celebrations, get “togethers,” parties, dining, presents, choirs, but more importantly, the historic celebration of the birth of Jesus. So, Merry Christmas! The links are for the month of November but I will add one or two about gift ideas for designers at the end of the post. Because hey, giving gifts to designers is not easy, right? By including them, you can send those links to relatives. Right? Make sure to scroll to the end so you can get the links with gift suggestions.

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Yes, I always include something about sketching. Let me start with this. I am conducting a study about sketching titled Exploring Beliefs and Practices about Sketching in Higher Education and in the Design Profession. I am only 15 responses away from my goal. Would you help me get there? I need to close it by Monday December 12. So, please take part and spread the word. Here is survey. Click here if the image below does not work.

  • Bonuses Architizer runs a series of articles showcasing sketchbooks from different designers titled Architects’ Sketchbooks. This last month they showed Oscar Niemeyer’s sketches. Gorgeous work!
Brush Lettering

Have you had a chance to read my two articles published this month on Smashing Magazine? Then, you must!

  • Have you seen the mannequin challenge? It is the latest viral rage. Take a look at this article by the NYT and with it some examples. From a gymnastic team to football teams, everybody is into the mannequin challenge.
  • How about cards showcasing words from other languages that can’t be translated? Take a look at this card set titled: Untranslatable Words Card Set. It could make for a nice Christmas gift too!
  • Do you like Emojis? Then, you will love this collection: The Old Masters’ Best Emoji, Now Available On iOS.
  • Like sand castles? I know November and December do not feel like the best time to talk about sand castles. But, wait until you see these masterpieces. Take a look at Jaw-Dropping Modernist Sandcastles by Calvin Seibert.
  • Ever been fascinated with architecture? About how things go from pencil sketches to real structures? This post titled These Tinkertoys For Architects Simulate How Buildings Really Work by John Brownlee will be helpful. These little structures designed by Brazilian architect Márcio Sequeira de Oliveira are intended to help with the transition from paper to reality. Take a look.
  • They say that the devil is in the details. That is the title of Khoi Vinh’s post but with a twist. The Devil’s in the Dashed Line Details is a very short post about a small but certainly lovely detail when using dashed lines in corners.
  • Adobe and others are and have been looking for ways to automate design. There are several online services where you can just drag and drop and voilá! You have a design. Well, that may become more real sooner than we thought. Take a look at this post by Khoi Vihn titled In the Future Graphic Design Layout Will be Automated. Yes, you read that right. Let us take a moment to think about that.
  • With the elections over photos of the Obamas are flooding the Internet. This article shows Pete Souza’s best photo moments of the Obamas in the White House.
  • Here is another article showing pictures of the Obamas. Regardless of your political views, I think we can all agree that their family life is a beautiful one.
  • Bloggers, artists, designers, and many others are always looking for good photography to use as a reference or for social media. This article from Art Tutor lists several sites in one place. Take a look.
  • Are you able to tell the difference between what is an employee and an independent contractor? Or perhaps you need a refresher? Take a look at this article Employees vs. Independent Contractors: What You Need to Know. Excellent read.
  • Seth Godin always has unconventional ways to help us think of business, productivity, and customer relations. This one post titled The Magic Wand Store is Closed is short but very insightful.
  • How do you know how much to charge is the most common question among students and young designers. Often there are no easy answers. But this article titled How To Negotiate For The Fees You Deserve is a must read for beginner and senior designers alike. Take a look.
  • Freelancing and pro bono work or freelancing for free. Take a look at this post titled To Work For Free, Or Not To Work For Free by Lindsay from White Oak Creative. Very informative and useful.
  • Those who know me know I love organization and when it is color coded, I love it even more. This article by Jen from IHeart Organizing is my cup of tea, well, more like my cup of coffee. Take a look at Let’s Chat! Organizing By Color.
  • Some times the best tools are the closest to us and simplest to use. Take a look at this article titled Use The Simplest Tools.
  • Ever feel like email takes forever to get through? Me too. Read this short article with great tips to become more efficient at handling email. How to Write Email with Military Precision. Thank me later.
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Photo by qimono (Pixabay)

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