Best Design Links for September 2016

September, where did you go? We are now officially in the Fall season. And with it, lower temperatures and nice afternoons. Living in Mobile, AL, there is not much of color changes in the leaves. That is something I miss from living in the Midwest; all those beautiful deep reds, yellows, greens, and oranges. There is something rich and magical about the way the leaves change colors in the Fall.

Let’s celebrate the Fall by listing all the wonderful design links from September. These links are all very interesting and informative. Let’s get going!

safe site to buy isotretinoin Design Practice

It is rare to meet designers who due to burn out or simply being tired of the profession go and do something else. In 2009, John Sayles closed his design practice and he and his partner started other ventures. But this article, takes leaving design to do something else to the next level, I think. Read This Designer Quit Architecture To Make Incredibly Cool Pastry. You will not be disappointed.

buy orlistat (xenical) Communication

Struggle with difficult people? While it is true that sometimes others can be difficult, it is perhaps more accurate to say that each one of us needs to work on interpersonal skills to be more successful or productive in this area. Read this post: This Is How To Be More Assertive: 3 Powerful Secrets From Research.


Ancient Wisdom Reveals 6 Rituals That Will Make You Happy.

Very authentic and honest talk about life, motherhood, design and dealing with failure:
Jennifer Daniel: Stop Trying to Design Everything

This Is How To Be Productive Without Being Miserable: 8 Proven Secrets

Bullet Journaling has become the rage about being productive and more. But Craig Mod keeps it very simple: Drawing the Calendar.

Along those lines, read this article too: Why Keeping a Daily Journal Could Change Your Life.

And if you are wondering why journals, notebooks, and diaries are more popular than ever, read this: Why the Humble Notebook Is Flourishing in the iPhone Era.


For designers it is imperative to not only have a contract, but to also know our rights. This post talks about the four things we must have in our contracts. Read Designers: Know Your Rights! 4 Must-Have Clauses In A Contract. It is worth reading and please take a moment to update your contracts.


These are both beautiful and terrifying: Salvador Dalí’s Rare 1969 Illustrations for “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” Rediscovered and Resurrected.


This is the cutest thing! Take a look:

A Miniature T-Shirt Screen Printing Rig Designed by Devin Smith


Some of you know my affinity for organizing and de-cluttering. I came across this post on using magnetic tape and wow! Read on. Organizing with Magnetic Tape.


This is an exquisite, if not poetic, work based on text, called text drawings. Take a look:

New Text Drawings Formed by Letters From Religious Texts by Meg Hitchcock.

Play this type game! Know Your Font.

Read this post about type sizes on the web: Your Body Text Is Too Small.


The next best thing on the web is cinemagraphs. These are half gifs, half movies. It is very cool and mesmerizing. Take a look on Galleryplay.


We all know the new iPhone is here, but do you know what is great about it? The new camera. Take a look at this post: New iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Camera Features Get Powerful Upgrade.

Have you ever considered that those shows we grew up with, before all the technology we live with today, actually paved the way for all the gadgets we enjoy? Read this post by Khoi Vinh: How Star Trek Created the iPad.

This is an awesome little gadget for cooking! Take a look at the Frywall!


I love, love making my own as long as it is easy. This is a very simple DIY and considering how expensive frames can be, a money-saving one too. DIY Custom Framing: No Power Tools Required.


How To Be Creative: 6 Secrets Backed By Research

Take a look at these beautiful sand drawing tables: New Kinetic Sand Drawing Tables by Bruce Shapiro.


Leaving your children things is a good way for them to remember you, but leaving them notebooks full of snippets of your life, is even more precious. Read this: Letter of Recommendation: Grandma’s Teenage Diaries.

Take a look at these great bags!: These Stylish Bags Were Once Part Of An NFL Stadium

Design Education

Teaching design is sometimes challenging due to so many young designers being exposed to the massive amount of software to do things. They think, sometimes, that they are already designers. This article may help: 10 Sneaky Ways to Detect an Amateur Designer.

Banning or not banning laptops from the classroom for note taking and others? To ban or not to ban? Read this provoking post: No, Banning Laptops Is Not the Answer.

Want to learn or update your coding skills? Read: 5 Affordable Ways to Learn to Code Online.


Take a look at this creative and sneaky way to send packaged bikes: Our secret’s out.

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