Best Design Links for March 2017

Here we are again with some interesting links to enjoy! Let’s dive in right away, shall we?

Let’s start by saying Smashing Magazine is testing out a new look! You can go and check it out and even report any bugs you see. Go ahead and check it out here!

buy Clomiphene at gnc Design and… Politics

This article will surprise you. Some times, some politicians recognize the power and the need for good design. Read Nixon, NASA, And How The Federal Government Got Design.

But other politicians, well, do not consider design to be asset or any of the arts for that matter. Read Trump’s Budget Is An Assault On America’s Creative Soul.

Need to contact your Senator? This site makes it easy for you:

buy viagra online us pharmacy Curiosities

Ever thought that WD-40 could be useful than its obvious use? Well, check this out: 10 Uses for WD-40 That Don’t Involve Lubricating Something.

Lego tape? Yep, you read that right! Take a look: New Reusable Adhesive Tape Makes Any Surface Instantly Compatible with LEGO Bricks.

Have you ever been curious about where the pencil comes from? I had not until I saw this article and learned about this very peculiar store. Read A Brief History of the Pencil, as told by a Pencil Aficionado.

Lettering, Calligraphy, and Handwriting

If you are left-handed and need a guide to help you choose a fountain pen, check out this article: Fountain Pen Guide For The Left-Handed Writer.

Product Design

Ever wonder who helps to put your devices together, check how well all the buttons work, and other tasks? Even if you have not wondered, read this article. It is very informative: Exposing The One Part Of Apple Design You’ll Never See.

Design, writing, and coding

John Meada just said it: Forget Coding: Writing Is Design’s “Unicorn Skill”.

And he also said to learn to code: John Maeda: If You Want to Survive in Design, You Better Learn to Code.

But not everybody likes interactive graphics. Read The Problem With Interactive Graphics.

However, if you are looking to get into writing more, this list of books is a must: A Reading Guide For Designers Who Want To Write.

Design and self image

Yes, that one is weird. But have you ever wondered why do you look “fatter” at the stores? It turns out you are not delusional or necessarily fatter than usual. The stores are designed, shame on them, to make you feel this way. Read this: How Stores Are Designed To Fat Shame.


Ever thought that crowd funding would help designers create a font? Well, read this article: The Story Behind The Most Successful Crowdfunded Font In History.


If you have hung around this blog for a while, you probably know I am a huge fan of architecture. Especially a fan of museums and libraries. Read America’s Most Beautiful Libraries.

Design Research

Research is something we usually think is only done by scientists or social scientists in a lab or field. One has to explain what we do in detail for someone to understand that what we do, our process is a type of research. As designers we too have to learn and appreciate that our process is intense and yes, it is research too. This article is really interesting. Read: 3 Things Design Researchers Can Learn From Online Dating.


Photo by Mr Thinktank

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