Best Design Links for March 2016

March has moved fast, really fast. Let’s get started right away with the best links for this month because unlike February, there are many!

Lamictal without a perscription Adobe free?

Sometimes it feels like Adobe Creative Cloud has a monopoly on the market. And other times, we, designers, feel we have no options but to use them. Well, Jason Rodriguez, decided to go Adobe free! I must say reading his post is very, very tempting.


Keppra price uk Paper

If paper sculptures based on micro folds are your thing check out the work of Matt Shlian.You will thank me later.


Visual Expression

We all know that issues of diversity and immigration give us a lot to talk about. But, what if they give you something to draw or paint on? Check out the work of Merve Iseri. She wants us to see each other as one race. I can’t disagree.

Ever wondered what fear looked like? Artist and designer Julie M. Elman explores fear in a visual form. Very interesting images. You can send her your fears and she will create something that relates to it.


Typography and Lettering

Like fonts? Take a look at this new type foundry Novo Typo. The fonts are quirky and delightful.

Typeface is a new font manager. It is actually very nicely designed. Give it a try!

And about lettering, Ray Mwast has a very nice guide on his process from the pencil stage to digitizing. Take a look here.

Scotty Russell, from Perspective Collective, has put together a nice list of his favorite lettering resources on his blog.


Tools and Resources

Do you consider yourself a pen addict? Well, I would say that I am strongly tempted by them. There is this site, The Pen Addict. It has everything you ever wanted to know about pens. This article is about the best 5 pens.

Everything is being automated these days or made into templates: WordPress sites, Weebly, brochures, business cards, and so on. Now, there is a site that creates animations for you. Take a look at

Like freebies? Of course you do! Who doesn’t? Dustin Lee, the founder of RetroSupply offers you a freebie when you sign in for his newsletter. Well, what are you still doing here? Go and get them!

Do you like to know about new designers? Me too! Take a look at this article: 15 Great Designers You Should Be Following to Up Your Design Game.

Tired of your WordPress theme? Check out this great list by Tom Ewer from Elegant Themes.

Want to refresh your skills at doodling or sketchnoting? Take a look at The Doodle Institute. Very cool site!

Ever feel overwhelmed with so many felt tip pens and would like some guidance? Well, JetPens has you covered. Take a look at this article: Guide to Choosing a Felt Tip Marker Pen.

A good article about what to include in an Annual Report.



Some of you know that I used to be a dancer and that the body in motion fascinates me. Well, when I came across this project combining video projection, mapping, CGI, and sensors to respond to the performer’s movements, I was fascinated. Take at this video in The Creators Project.



We have come to depend on email so much. From family, friends, planning, work, project management, and advertisement. But did you know that its inventor, Ray Tomlison, died this month? Read about it here.

And well, some hate email or believe that email time is counter productive. Cal Newport writes a short blog post about titled The Case Against Email Strengthens.



If you are like me, you have a sketchbook everywhere: next to your bed, purse, school bag, office, well, you get the idea. This article talks about 9 things that can happen to you if you carry a sketchbook with you. Read it. It is good.

On creativity, Elizabeth Gilbert shares some tips for living a creative life.



Have trouble being a morning person? I am a morning person as long as I don’t have to get up at 5:30am like I am doing these days, right? Well, joking outside we can become a morning person. Jonathan Chan published this article titled How to Get Up Early and Become a Morning Person.

Shantell Martin is not afraid to start over, and over. I was very inspired by her interview with Sean Blanda. Read about it here.

Interviews are full of questions, sometimes questions that are hard to answer. Well, Slack’s CEO, Stewart Butterfield, has one question he asks any applicant. Read about it here.


Design History, Reference, and Drama

The Ampersand. The most beautiful symbol in a typeface. Read about its history here.

Ever feel that there is too much drama in the design world? A company rebrands and changes its logo and it becomes a huge controversy. Well, read this article titled The Precarious State of Logo Design.

The man, Erik Spiekermann, recently published a short essay reflecting about all the modern devices we design for. But no one could have put it better. Read the rest here.

We are the interpreters and our purpose is to serve our clients and their customers, the users. We can only do that if we understand all the constraints as well as the content. I couldn’t design a book I haven’t read nor a website in a language I don’t understand.

Want to brush up on your design facts? Look no more. Take a look at this site: Design Facts.



Learn to animate a logo using only HTML and CSS. Check it out here.




Photo by sk8geek

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