Best Design Links for July 2016

Where, oh where did July go?? Just the other day I was writing the post for June’s design links and laying down at the beach. Summer has gone by so quickly and we spend most of the time going to swim meets. However, some good news! I would like to share that I have an art piece being shown at the Mobile Museum of Art.

Every year they hold a show called Bay Area Art Educators and this year it was juried. If you happen to go and/or are curious, the show takes place at the education wing of the museum. My piece is right next to the show’s title. You can’t miss it because it is large. But, I was not going to tell you this and not show you a photo! See below. And yes, please do go to the museum and check it out!

Incomplete Memory, Alma Hoffmann, 2015
Incomplete Memory, Alma Hoffmann, 2015

Now, let’s move on to our monthly list!

Social Media

Ever wonder how to add paragraph space to your posts on Instagram? I was wondering how to make my captions look cleaner and came across this article: How to Add Paragraph Spacing to Your Instagram Posts’ Caption Copy. Check it out!

Need help with creating good images for Pinterest? Read this post titled 6 Free Tools for Creating Awesome Pinterest Images.

Ever wonder if blogging is still relevant or important for Freelancers? Me too! Read this post titled For Freelancers, Are Blogs Still Important?

Doodling and sketching

I know, I know. I always have something about this topic. But bear with me and if you feel in doubt about taking time to sketch, feel encouraged about all the evidence and studies coming out recently! This article titled: The Scientific Case for Doodling While Taking Notes talks about how we teach students to take notes the wrong way.

If you feel like reading my recently published article about Sketching, go to The International Journal of Design Education. Check it out!

Another article about the benefits of doodling: The Cognitive Benefits of Doodling.

And on the importance of drawing lists or notes: Need to remember something? Better draw it, study finds.


On a similar topic: lettering. Amanda Arneill has put together a great list of tools that she can’t live without. Check it out here.

Scotty Rusell from Perspective Collective also published recently his list of best resources.

Need some help getting and understanding what legal forms you need as a freelancer? Read this article titled The Collective Legal Guide For Designers (Contract Samples).


Do you ever think that typefaces are like people, or that if this font or that font was a human it would be like this person or that person? Well, designer Laila Rezai does. Steven Heller wrote a little piece about her work titled: If Didot Were a Woman, She’d Be Audrey Hepburn. Very interesting and her work is beautiful!

Tobias Frere-Jones gave a talk at 99U recently that I loved. The talk is titled Tobias Frere-Jones: Break Things Deliberately. He talks about the need to understand the process of creation by destroying things. He says:

buy provigil forum “When trying to figure out a problem, pause for minute, and see if you can make it worse,” he says. “A structure can really describe itself as it falls apart.”

But my favorite quote from the talk is this one:

top article “…typeface design stands at this curious intersection of culture, and language, and technology.”

On Color and Typography

Steven Heller published this little gem titled Futura’s Paul Renner Tackles Color. I think this is Pantone’s little envy!

Design Education

Recently I came across this article, it was actually an answer on Quora, that left me wondering. The question posted was this:

What’s the best place for a beginner to start with his graphic or visual design skills?
And the answer could not have been better stated:
The problem with doing imaginary design work is that you can imagine yourself out of any real-world constraints.

The person who answered, Tanner Christensen, is a product designer at Facebook. To be clear, imaginary design problems have a place, an important place in the education of a designer. In my opinion, it is about balancing both types of projects. Both types of complement each other. And truly, imagination serves a purpose that knowledge alone can’t serve.


Another good article on 99U titled Marginalia talks about the lost art of reading and why reading is so critical to learning and the mind. Take a look!


Reading is not the only lost art. Handwriting is a species in danger of extinction too. But at a great price. Read What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades.

Journaling and Commonplace books

Ever had a common place book? The closest I have been to keep one is my “ all purpose” sketchbook on my purse. If you don’t know what it is, take a look at this article: Taking Note: What Commonplace Books Can Teach Us about Our Past.


Ruben Sanchez, is a street artist whose work is influenced by Cubism and Surrealism painting murals in Dubai. The work is beyond impressive. Read the interview here.

Another great interview! This time of Martina Flor’s work. Read Martina Flor: An Introvert’s Approach to Kicking Ass. If you don’t know who Martina Flor is, well, you are in for a treat. Her lettering work is exquisite!


Loved this post on Brain Pickings titled Hemingway’s Tough-Love Letter of Advice to F. Scott Fitzgerald on Writing and Turning Suffering into Creative Fuel. It is a beautiful letter indeed.


Ever wonder how to get rid of those downloads from the iMail app? Read this: How to clean out old Mail downloads and reclaim disk space on your Mac! I just deleted a bunch of stuff!

Sightseeing in the South

There are only a few weeks left of summer vacation. If you don’t know what to do or where to go, I have you covered. Read the article 30 Things to do in Alabama.

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