Best Design Links for January 2017

One month into the new year and it already feels like an entire year has gone by. Our current political climate, whether you voted for the present status quo or not, has proven to be drastic, to say the least. I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel like paying attention to anything other than the current events may be irresponsible or even frivolous. However, we must press on and do our jobs and do them well. And because of that, here I am again, like every month before today with the best links for January.

January was a busy month! Lots of great links! Let’s get started, shall we?

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If public transit maps are your thing, check out this post Mini Metros: Minimalist Worldwide Transit Maps by Peter Dovak. Very beautifully done!

Love to play cards? Take a look at this design by Toomas Pinton. They are really nice!


Have you seen this twitter account: Color Schemer? You must! Not only are the color palettes really interesting but the names they give each color is enough to follow them. Look at this example below:


And speaking of color, have you visited the site, Color Supply? You must. A great tool to pick color palettes. 

Have you ever seen this quote from Ernest Hemingway on listening? Swiss Miss posted it on her blog. It is not only beautiful but so opportune. 

Do you think you know your personality? Well, whether you do or don’t, check out this article, and test of course, titled Can You Predict Your Scores on an Important Personality Test?

I love good burns or good and witty comebacks in conversations. Sometimes the are even ice breakers. But when these are combined with my favorite movies, well then, it is worth filing them for later reference. Take a look at 16 Sick Burns from The Devil Wears Prada That Still Hurt To This Day.

Design History

This is not only a great resource but also a historical gem: 3,900 Pages of Paul Klee’s Personal Notebooks Are Now Online, Presenting His Bauhaus Teachings (1921-1931).

Ever wonder how eye wear design evolved? I have and I was pleased to read this article titled, of course, A Visual History of Eyeglasses.

On that line of thinking how things came to be the way they are today… ever thought how breakfast has evolved or when did it become what it is today? Read this short article titled How Breakfast Has Changed.


If you are bilingual and speak some Spanish, maybe you want to read my essay on Revista La Palabra titled: Imágenes, Lenguaje, y Símbolos en una Mente Bilingüe. I talk about some of my experiences about being bilingual.

Swiss Miss published a short video by Nicholas Kristof titled Speaking Truth to Trump about the life of Trump and his ancestors. It is actually very revealing and interesting.

I love books. I have so many books that it has been a necessity to organize them by color because it is easier to find them that way. To quote my movers in 2013, “you have too many books!” Me, “and…?” Well, take a look at this list put together by Meg Miller from Fast Co Design titled The 8 Design Books We’re Most Excited About This Winter.

There have been some talks about defunding the NEA. I will not comment either way but will invite you to read this article titled Defunding The NEA Would Be Incredibly Stupid—Here’s Why.

Design Ethics

Have you ever thought that artificial intelligence could help in detecting plagiarism? Well, here is an article that can provide you with some insight on this matter. Take a look at Design Plagiarism Is A Serious Problem—This Startup’s AI Could Help.

Privacy is becoming a very precious gem. With every device wired to be listening and/or seeing everything we do, it seems that privacy may become a commodity. A group of designers is working on a messaging app geared to protect it users’ privacy. Take a look at this article titled Designing The World’s Most Secure Chat App.

To open source design has been a topic of great discussion among designers. Well, Mozilla apparently just proved that it may be done right. Take a look at this article Mozilla Just Proved That It’s Possible To Open Source Good Design.


Ever thought that Warren Buffet may have some tips of wisdom for us creatives? Well, it turns out that he does and getting on track with your goals is simpler than we might think. Take a look at Warren Buffet’s powerful “Two List” productivity tip for creative people.

To improve on anything, you have to practice. A practice that is repetitively, intentional, and sometimes even boring. No matter what you are trying to master, practice sessions that are intentional will give you the best results. Read this article by James Clear titled The Beginner’s Guide to Deliberate Practice. It sheds some light into how we must approach our time.


Still struggling with your student loans? Check out this article titled Money 101: You could save money on student loan repayments with this tip.


I am a type nerd and would love to get my hands on this guide. Put together by Jeremiah Shoaf, Flawless Typography Checklist promises to be the ultimate guide with free updates after purchase. My birthday is right around the corner. Feel like getting me something?

Seth Godin has a simple and to the point advice on making signs that are effective. Common sense should rule but often doesn’t. Take a look at How to make a sign.


Feeling lost and stuck most of the time creatively? Take a look at this interesting article titled Reclaim Your Creative Confidence by Tom Kelley and David Kelley.

I have been getting requests to include articles on this monthly post. If you are interested in being featured, please feel free to contact me. However, contacting me does not guarantee that your post or article will make this list.

Photo by Photoshop Roadmap

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