Best Design Links for February 2017

I should start my post stating that yes, I am a tad later than usual posting the best links. We had a long weekend tied up on our kids’ swim meet. But fear not, here are the best links for February.


A very interesting article on the relationship between boredom and creativity: How Being Bored Out of Your Mind Makes You More Creative.

Sometimes we can’t go where the geniuses teach. And sometimes those geniuses become more accessible. Read this: Legendary Architect Frank Gehry to Teach a MasterClass on Design.

If you know me, you know I have a soft spot for the sketching process. So, you will not be surprised that I am posting this gem: Delicate Sketches of the Original Peace Symbol to be Exhibited in London.

But these drawings will leave you speechless. Take a look at this article: Beautiful Brain: The Stunning Drawings of Neuroscience Founding Father Santiago Ramón y Cajal.

Perhaps more importantly this article explains how drawing allows you to have deeper sense of presence: Art and the Mind’s Eye: How Drawing Trains You to See the World More Clearly and to Live with a Deeper Sense of Presence.

And let’s also enjoy that The Met has made more than 375,000 images available through open access. Check this: Introducing Open Access at The Met.


This installation/exhibition is an exquisite combination of color, texture, and type. Take a look at this article: Forest of Numbers by Emmanuelle Moureaux.


February is Valentine’s day month and what could be more appropriate than this article titled 5 Handwritten Love Letters From Famous Designers?

And while we are discussing love, read Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Marriage via SwissMiss.

Have thoughts of how to navigate and survive the end of the world? Check out this article then: Here’s The Perfect Tiny Home For Riding Out The End Times.

Some people age with wisdom, others not so much. Read this: Stefan Sagmeister’s Jokes Have Officially Gotten Old.

Need to frame some work? Read this: 5 Online Custom Framing Services for the Art and Design Lover.

Well, sometimes we feel not only curious but nostalgic, right? Or shall we say curiously nostalgic? Check this out: Is Nokia Making a ‘Smart’ Move Bringing the Dumb Phone Back?

And while we are at it, check out this post too: Nostalgic Lofree Keyboard Brings Back the Touch and Sound of Typewriters.

But let’s look into the future now: Designers, Here’s Your Chance To Redesign NYC For Driverless Cars.

When autonomous cars become a reality, they will dramatically impact the design of our cities. Take the opportunity to play a role in that.

Design Activism

Want to create change? Read about Antoinette Carroll from Ferguson, Missouri and how she is working with other designers to create change: Want To Fight Inequality? Forget Design Thinking.

Along these lines it seems that the current political climate has been a great source for creative and humorous magazine covers. Take a look at this article: It’s A Golden Age For Magazine Covers.

Lettering and/or Calligraphy

Feast your eyes with this post about Seb Lester’s lettering and calligraphy by Drippy Calligraphy Experiments by Seb Lester.


Still working while sitting? Take a look at this article then. It may help you change your mind: Sitting Is Deadly. Could Banning Chairs Help?

A great article about how to get started as a designer by Julie Zhuo, Product design VP at Facebook titled The Beginning of your Design Career.


Love fashion? This article is for you then: How A Former “Vogue” Assistant Created The First Fashion Search Engine.

Ever wonder what happens after Kickstarter fame? I do too. Read this article: What Comes After Kickstarter Fame? If You’re Lucky, The MoMA Store.


Feel like taking a trip? This might be a good time. Check out this article: Argentina Announced An Awesome Money-Saving Travel Deal.


Photo by PublicDomainPictures (Pixabay)


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