Best Design Links for February 2016

Another month down. We are moving forward and on through this year. As usual, I have some links for you all to enjoy and read. However, let me say that this semester has been tighter than usual. Therefore, I have less links than other times. I do hope that you still enjoy going through them. Let’s get things started with Typography, of course. tags/page/3/ Typography

Many of you know that I love typography. So, when I saw that Creative Pro had published a post on the Most Notable Fonts of 2015, I was ecstatic. There are some very cool choices in the list! Make sure to check it out!

Steven Heller wrote a very nice post on Print titled The Legacy of Type honoring Herman Ihlenburg, and John F. Cummings. Make sure to give it a read!

Dan Virgillito, wrote for Elegant Themes, the creators of the popular WordPress theme Divi, a piece on their blog titled 20 Typography Trends to Pay Attention to in 2016. Very good article.

buy 250 mg amoxil online Notebooks and sketchbooks

My second biggest obsessions are notebooks and sketchbooks. I can’t ever have enough. Take a look at this article titled 16 Famous Designers Show Us Their Favorite Notebooks.


Ever wonder how to download all those emails from the Mail app on the Mac? Me too! Luckily, I found a useful guide to get rid of no longer needed downloads and free up my hard drive. Check it out on Oops Tech Blog.


It may seem that everybody has a podcast today. Well, if you ever wanted to have your own, head over to Huffduffer and create it!

Millenials, jobs, and attitudes

Things have changed. Among them the attitude of both employers and employees. But the most significant change is the effect and impact the Internet has in our lives. Private issues are no longer private. They are freely exposed online and sometimes with dire consequences. On the other hand, it is getting harder for employers to get away with some practices. Case in point this article: How a Millennial Complained to Yelp’s CEO About Her Salary and Was Immediately Fired. Read it and create your own opinion.

The Design of Evil

Steven Heller wrote this provocative piece titled Copyright-Free Evil. I will offer you the first sentence:

The copyright restrictions for Adolf Hitler’s incendiary Mein Kampf, the rant that foretold the Holocaust, were lifted this year.

If that does not make you want to read it…


Take a look at this cool sketchnoted résumé by Jason Pearlman on Sketchnote Army. Regardless of your feelings about how conservative résumés should be, it is a very impressive piece.


Ever wonder if you could make movie lists so you don’t forget them and share? Well, there is Letterboxd for that! Check it out.

Logos and Branding

Take a look at the logo proposals for the next Olympics. Interesting choices!

Speaking of logos, The MET has a new one too. Read all about it here and the controversy that surrounds it.


Are you a little lost when you hear the term Giclee printing? No worries. I was too. Read about it on Creative Bloq.



Photo by andreas siagian

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