Best Design Links for August 2016

August, wow! Already gone? Welcome September and the official end of the summer! But not so fast. Let’s go over what goodies August brought us, shall we?


Well, obviously we need to start with the Olympics, right? This year was amazing! One of the events where diversity is clear, palpable, and celebrated. To honor that here are 10 Latinos U.S. Athletes We’ll Be Watching at the Rio Olympics. Enjoy!


One of the ways to improve your business is reading about others’ businesses and how they did it. Here is a list of the Best Creative & Business Books for 2016.

Productivity, Creativity, and Just Doing it

Swiss Miss published a great quote from Chuck Close; Get to Work. Inspiring.

In a form of an infographic, here are The Beginner’s Guide to Blogging Best Practices. There is always something to learn, so take a look!

This is the best visual résumé I have seen in a long time. Take a look at the work of Robby Leonardi.

Freelancing is not for everybody but all of us have fantasized about it at some point or another. This post highlights some of the problems and bliss of it. Check out I Quit Freelancing by Shayna Hodkin.


Do you like lists? So do I. I came across these little tips that really changed the way I make lists. Check out The To-Do List Tweak That Changed My Life and How to Write a More Productive To-Do List.

There is a new online software in town and apparently it is competition to Photoshop. Check out Photopea.


The 22 best places to find free vector art online.

Pew Research is a site that has statistics on any topic. If you need data for your projects, this site may have answers for you.

Everything has a first version and you can find them all on this site called, you guessed it, First Versions.


Think or feel that you are hopeless when it come to learning a second language? Well, think again. Check out Scott Young’s experience in this post: The Year Without English.

Want to get started with using ink for drawing? I love ink too. Check out this post, How to get started with ink drawing.

Sometimes students expect to be taught everything at school but that does not really happen. Here is a nice post by James Greig titled 15 things they might not teach you about graphic design when you’re a student.


Anybody who knows me, knows that I am serious about the relationship between dance and typography. For this reason, this app, Dance Writer really captivated me. Check out a demo on Typotheque.

On the web: Very good post about typographic considerations on the web. Check it out: Why do pull quotes exist on the web?

Humans of New York

I follow them on BlogLovin’ and Instagram. The stories are always not just interesting but also honest, raw, real. Like this particular one where this man tells the reporter that talent, money, and a great job do not really pay for the best things in life. What does? Charm. Read it. It is captivating.


Fan of Star Trek? Be still, little heart. Read this post and don’t go broke: Star Trek Stamps Are Coming.

Ever thought that you would see sculptures off VW Cars? Neither did I. Take a look at the work of Ichwan Noor. Impressive!

On Doodling and Neuroscience

I just became acquainted with the work of Lynda Barry, cartoonist and professor, and I am telling you, I need to meet her. Her interest in drawing, doodling, handwriting, sketching, and neuroscience really cross paths with mine. This article on her work is really interesting, check it out!

And on the topic of NeuroScience, take a look at this article by , The Beautiful Yet Twisted History of Psychological Testing.

Sketchnoting continues to be one of my biggest interests. Here is a nice guide on how to get started: Sketchnotes: A Guide to Visual Note-Taking.

Creativity and Originality

Khoi Vihn wrote this interesting blurb titled The Underestimated Merits of Copying Someone Else’s Work about the merits of learning by copying work. He is commenting on a video titled Reverse Engineering. It is worth a look and consideration.

Lately I have been on a watercolor kick, so I am looking into anything that is watercolor based. Take a look at this beautiful work: Dreamy New Architectural Watercolors by Artist Sunga Park.


There is this app, SKRWT, that helps you straighten pictures of buildings. According to Khoi Vihn, it has not been updated in a while but I think it is worth a try. Check out Vihn’s post and then get it at the App store. I am looking forward to test it out too.

Take a look at this little animation about the history of photography on Brain Pickings: Aristotle’s Aperture: An Animated History of Photography, from the Camera Obscura to the Camera Phone.

The Design Process

A very cute and interesting doodled article on the design process by Pablo Stanley. Check it out.


Need inspiration? I just found this site that focuses on vintage type and it is amazing! Check out Ephemerotica.


Ever wonder What Was Thor Doing During Captain America? Check out this video. It is hilarious!

Puerto Rico

If you are or have wondered about Puerto Rico’s financial crisis, check out this video. It is in Spanish so you may need help but it has a lot of visuals that may help.



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