Best Design Links for April 2017

index buy waklert I know, I know. I am late. Graduation, thesis defenses, grading projects, senior shows, and finals week took more time than I had anticipated. I had to push this post for when I got all that done. And now that it is done, here we go!

zoom out flexeril prescription Let’s start with the obvious and shameless promotion. This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day. Do you have a gift for your Mom yet? Check out my artwork. Not prints, but one of a kind artwork done in watercolor paper with ink, watercolor, pen, and markers. It features my lettering and my poems. In other words, I am not selling things with other people’s words but mine. Take a look here: Well Chosen Letters at Etsy. And while you are at it, here are some images of my work: market Now that some shameless self promotion is out-of-the-way, let’s go ahead to our normal monthly list of design links, shall we?

Design heroes define Did you know that Josef Albers was also a photographer? Neither did I. But a book has been published showcasing his photography and it looks amazing! Check out this book review by the New York Times: Josef Albers: Art to Open Eyes.

Design vs/and Art

see here Dave Snyder: Art is not Design: Excellent insights from designer Dave Snyder on why design and art are not the same thing.

Design Process

anonymous An article after my heart: The Messy Art Of UX Sketching.

Design History


Ever wonder how you can set up your own branded email through Google? Read this: Setting Up Gmail with Your Branded Domain For Free.



Business | Productivity | Career

Young designers are usually overly focused on their talent and hard skills, tending to overlook the role positive attitude and grit play in their success…

Design Resources



Advice on how to compose photos? Always good advice! Read: 12 Essential Composition Guidelines That Every Photographer Should Use.


Photo by marc falardeau

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