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Hello reader!

I had a few problems with my email server: Gmail. It is sending this email to the spam or giving you a warning. My monogram image was also causing glitches. Please rest assured that this is me, Alma, sending you this email. If you did not have problems, sorry for the duplicate and feel free to disregard. But, if you did have problems, hopefully this one will reach you.

Well, I know that new year wishes are sort of old news at this point, right? Instead, let me say that I hope things are going well for you so far.

I am sorry it has been a while since my last newsletter. The end of the semester was hectic and I found myself struggling with that one chapter I have mentioned before. I shall call it “chapter nemesis”. Luckily, I remembered my friend Nicole, who is a great editor, and she edited my chapter. But it was close to the holidays and since I was traveling, I decided to take a break. Now, I am back and have been working on the book a lot. My deadline is coming up and I feel so, so behind.

While on holiday break, I worked on the wedding invitations for my niece Claudia. It was sort of a production. Many stages and many hands went into putting it together. From making a monogram, cutting paper with a ruler only, gluing each page to the folder, making the calligraphy for the names and accents on the body copy, designing the layout, working with the wax seals— where it really paid to be married to a physicist, assembling them, and doing the calligraphy for the names on the envelopes. All of this as a labor of love. Here are some pictures in sequence. You can also visit my Instagram page to see more.

All images, Alma Hoffman, 2018 Tenure and promotion

I imagine you are wondering what is going on with my tenure and promotion application. Well, it is in the works. Meaning that the process is rolling. Some things worth noting is that my boss told me that my external reviewers' letters were great. I am glad and grateful for that. But I will not know about the final decision until much later in the semester. Possibly June.

buy cheap neurontin online Book update

My book is on the final stages though I think I am in denial of it. As in I want to get done and at the same time I second guess that anything I have done so for and I wonder if it is worthless. I know it isn't really but you know, that imposter syndrome. My editor at Routledge emailed me wishing me a happy new year and to see where I was in the process. I decided to be honest and listed exactly what I had, what I did not have, and the fact that I needed one or two more weeks. I was expecting a no but instead got a “no problem.” I was very happy about that and felt very grateful for these editors.

I applied for a grant at the University to help me print the book in color. I thought it had been approved but it turned out that the system sends a message it is not supposed to send. Fingers crossed that the committee looks at my application with favor. What was really cool about this application is that I asked my editors for a letter in case I needed it. In the letter I realized my book already has an ISBN number!! How very cool is that? Right? Right? :-)

Client work

I am also working on a serious update for logo I made for one of my clients almost 20 years ago. Their company/service/products are going digital and with this move, their logo needed a serious update. I will tell you more about it once things are done. I don’t like to talk about my client work in the early stages.


During the Martin Luther King Jr holiday our family decided to meet in Montgomery to visit The Legacy Museum: From Slavery to Mass Incarceration and The National Memorial for Peace and Justice. I think everyone should visit these two places. It is educational, of course but you can’t help to think about how much each one of us, with our silence and complacency, have contributed to socially acceptable modes of racism and prejudice.

Pictures are not allowed in the museum but you can buy their book, which I did because I could not pass it. At the memorial you can take photos. What they are doing is recording the 4,000 and counting lynchings that occurred in the South after slavery was abolished. They are trying to give names, dates, and places to the victims of these crimes. In turn you are confronted with these massive and somber structures. Some hold as much as 14 names with dates and town. It is sad reminder of how evil we, humanity, can be towards each other.
All images, Alma Hoffman, 2019
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