Incomplete Memory © Alma Hoffman, 2016

Hello reader!

Welcome September! And with it more manageable temperatures! Yay!

Did you notice the new monogram at the top? I designed it over the summer as a break from writing and when I needed to let things simmer in my head. But I wasn't a 100% convinced. Then, later on, it occurred to me to add the semi circles and now I am more satisfied. I am going to design my name and information around it. Stay tuned.

It's been about a month from my last update. Many things have happened since then. Many interesting things, actually. Let me start by thanking those of you who came to see my work the at Mobile Arts Council in Mobile during Art Walk. When I went to pick up my work at MAC, they told me that my pieces received lots of compliments. I was so happy to hear that!

Tonight is also Art Walk and I donated one of my pieces for The Throwdown annual fundraiser at the MAC. The piece is called Love Me and it is based on a poem I wrote. See a detail below.
Love Me © Alma Hoffman, 2017
And yesterday, I received a notification that my piece Incomplete Memory has been accepted in the upcoming juried show Echoes of Ohr at the Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art in Biloxi, MS. This update newsletter opened with a detail of this piece, Incomplete Memory. This piece was also accepted two years ago at the Bay Area Art Educators Art Show at the Mobile Museum of Art. The show opens on October 19th and it goes until December 24th.

I sold a commissioned piece to someone in Canada. We met on Twitter and have chatted a lot since then. She is a professor of communication and we have a lot of interests in common. She loved my work from the moment she saw it. She just sent me a message that she loved it! And I am so happy! Below is a detail of it.

My Life is Awesome © Alma Hoffman, 2018
I am back to working on the book. I am setting up some interviews to finish that chapter, doing some more research on the subject, and gearing up to start editing what I have so far. I can see the difference of trying to write this during the semester versus this last summer. The focus is not the same and well, I have to fight with myself to concentrate and guard that time. I am looking forward to finishing and delivering the manuscript. Something of this scale feels like a tremendous responsibility: your words out there influencing people. Sometimes, I wake up rethinking what I wrote here or there.

Last time I talked to you about the book Marcel's Letters: A Font and the Search for One Man's Fate by Carolyn Porter. I finished it. It got to a point I could not put it down. Now, Carolyn and I are in touch with each other. Her book has inspired me to do something I had considered doing but always put off: design a typeface based on both of parents' handwriting. I have already sent my mother a package of handwriting paper for her to write letters, words, and sentences in her beautiful handwriting. Have I ever told you that I used to practice over and over how to do my Dad's signature? My Dad's signature was gorgeous and unique. I wanted to be able to do it like him.

Books that I am reading and recommend:
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