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Well, let me start this newsletter by acknowledging the elephant in the room: my last newsletter was a fabulous example of bad writing. It was full of typos and grammar issues; all the result of writing amidst distractions and feeling antsy about sending the newsletter quickly. Lesson learned but probably will need more will power to implement it. I love writing with noise in the room. There, now that everything is on the table, let's move on. 😁

Today is the last day of the year. And what a year this one has been! From political scandals to natural disasters, this has been a year that defined things for some and many will be glad to forget. One can not foresee what will come but I certainly hope and pray that this coming year is better and happier.

I am grateful though for the many opportunities I was able to enjoy this year. I wrote 3 articles, traveled to Germany to present at a Smashing Magazine conference, met incredible people there and also finally met in person the people I have been working with remotely for about 5 years, traveled to Chicago to do a workshop for one of my clients, visited my amazing friends while in Chicago, traveled to other places, participated for the first time in Inktober (videos here) had two solo shows, opened a few online stores (links at the end of this email) and finally, the one thing that put a cherry on the top: signing a book contract with Routledge. The fact that I only have a year to finish the book scares me deeply but I plan to take this one word a time, one sentence at a time, one paragraph at a time, and one day at a time. Rome was not built in a day and neither will a book get written in a day. So, wish me luck!

Here are a few pictures of the year:
Cathedral at Freiburg, Germany © Alma Hoffmann
Vitaly, Iris, and I commemorating being in the same country at last. © Alma Hoffmann
Solo show at Optera Creative, Mobile, AL. These are my former students who came to show their support and of course, Tyson there photo bombing. 😁 © Alma Hoffmann
My friend Dr. Noah Toly during a phone conversation in the rain, Chicago, IL, © Alma Hoffmann
One of my pieces for Inktober this past October. © Alma Hoffmann
As the year comes to an end, please consider buying one of my calendars. Not only will they help you with your new goals but you will also enjoy you a beautiful artwork each month. No one said that keeping track of goals and time had to be an ugly task, right? 😁

Here are the places to find my artwork and the calendars: Saatchi (only artwork here), Etsy, RedBubble, Threadless, and Zazzle (they have sales almost daily). If you need watercolor backgrounds for your graphics and presentations, go to my shop at Creative Market.

Bye, bye 2017!
© Alma Hoffmann
© Alma Hoffmann
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Couple of things before I go:
People in Puerto Rico are still struggling. So, don't forget Puerto Rico. There are still a lot of need. If you can help with even a dollar is a dollar more than before, here are some places to donate: