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Hello reader!

Sooo, the eclipse happened! How about that? Did you watch it? What did you do to mark the ocassion? Tyson went to the university and got a pair of eclipse glasses. It was really cool to see the eclipse! But me being me, I wanted to snap a pic through the glasses. And that is what I did. You can see it above. buy cheap neurontin online
How has your week been? Mine has been busy and kind of a blur. But I think I am going to call it a productive week. As some of you know, I am honored to be one of the presenters at the upcoming Smashing Magazine conference in September. You can read my abstract here. I would be lying to you if I told you that I was not nervous. I am freaking out! To give a 40 minute presentation in front of some of the amazing creative minds out there; people who are defining the web right now, it's… wow! It is really intimidating and at the same time so exhilarating! I will get to meet the people I have been working remotely with since 2012. How can I put that in words?

Working as an editor at Smashing Magazine has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had. The process itself has taught me so much about writing and communication and I have met and become friendly with great people overseas! So, meeting everybody in person is something I am really looking forward to.

Below you will see how I prepared my talk. There are 92 index cards on the floor. Some of them you don't see. Oh! Yes, I listen to shows when I am thinking. It has to be the right kind of show: not too fast paced and not too slow. So, that is why the iPad is there. Thankfully I just finished putting all of those cards into a nice slide presentation. Well, it is really a first draft. Now, I will go over it again while rehearsing my talk and cut, cut, cut, cut. I practice until I memorize every word in it. Wish me luck!
© Alma Hoffmann, 2017
So, what did you learn this week? I have been thinking about empathy. Empathy is a beautiful word, isn't it? Yet, not many of us understand, really understand what it means and what it entails. If we really understood it, we would live in a better world. Sometimes, in an effort to help someone, we offer too many solutions too quickly. And sometimes it is not about that. Sometimes, a person needs time to process things because they are hard. Things get complicated when people are trying to solve things for others. There are situations that have no solution. Period. And all that people need is someone to hold their hand and sit there with them. Kind of like my dear friend Brooke said: holding space for that person.

My grandfather Bernardo, gave me a beautiful gift. And that was the gift of time. He had no money and no property to his name, except his old, old car. When he died, all I got was a box of photos and newspaper clips that Angie put together for me in an album. But every time I think of empathy, though he was not the most tender person, I think of him. He was there for me, every day. I ate ice cream with him very frequently, we played cards every day, and we hung out together. Time and space. Those two things can be more valuable than diamonds. Who can you give those precious gifts to today?

While I have you here, allow me to remind you that the pieces in Optera will come down on Monday. So, if you want to see them please stop by tomorrow. And if you want to buy one, please do let me know!

Couple of things before I go:
  • I am slowly able to work on new pieces but please do let me know ideas for my next show!
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And with that, I wish you a great weekend and a fabulous week ahead! Until then my friends!
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