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Surprise, surprise! I have been meaning to write for a while now. It's been exactly three months since my last newsletter update. Today seemed like a good day to sit down and tell you what I have been doing. Some of you may remember that I signed a contract to write my book, Sketching as Design Thinking, in December with Routledge. Well, to summarize, this is the reason why I have not been active with the newsletter. I have found it difficult to keep up with it while all I do is pretty much think about what to write, how to write, what I wrote, how to edit, how to rephrase it, whether or not I am citing my sources well, and so on. A part of me is very intimidated by this project while another part is enjoying the research, the rabbit holes, the connections, and the things I am learning. My fear has to do with Routledge's reputation in the world of academia and doubting myself. I know I am not alone. In one way or another a lot of us experience a similar fear when confronted with something they consider big. Nevertheless, I will continue on.
As to my art making, I am still making art and design pieces. Usually I create a lot of work on Saturdays and Sundays. Or whenever I can. Or when I need a break or simply need to think about something. That means that when I am writing and I get stuck, I just go to my art corner in my attic and create something or some things. Some of these pieces will be uploaded to my online stores soon. Lately I have taken to practice more drawing along with continuing with my lettering. I have been wanting to rekindle my drawing abilities for a while and thought 15-20 minutes a day or every other day was better than nothing.

Some exciting things that have been and are going on:
I will be interviewed by Jason Frostholm, host of the Creative South Podcast this coming Thursday. It will be recorded and aired later on. I will let you know so you can listen if you like.

I will conduct a hand lettering workshop at the university. The AIGA Mobile student group at USA is hosting the workshop at the University. It is limited to 20 people so if you want to come, RSVP soon with them: usaaigastudentgroup@gmail.com. It is free for members and $15.00 for non members.

We just came back from a trip to North Carolina to visit Tyson's parents. We did a lot of art and city walking and I loved it. Funny thing about practicing drawing again, you start seeing things you had not seen before. Things like details in places no one cares for. I took a bunch of photos of detail stuff. Even the dry color palette of a watercolor and calligraphy artist in a studio we visited became a photo. Oh! And the ideas! I met with an artist who was also a therapist and her studio was also her office. Her work had me spinning my wheels!

We also went bowling and the kids had a lot of fun. It was amazing to see my son go from not hitting the pins to scoring almost every single time. The concentration he showed and his figuring it out really impressed me. For my part, all I care about is hitting even one. And there is something about those shoes and that floor that made me want to jump all the time.

My daughter, the singer in the making, has informed me that I do not hit the right notes when I sing. See, whenever I take long road trips, there is a frame of time where I sing at the top of my lungs and I really don't care if I hit the notes or not. She was not amused. But hey, when I am cooped up, the energy has to come out somehow, right? 🤪

Speaking of long road trips, I always do a lot of thinking in the car. In that road trip, I was able to crystallize the design of my niece's wedding invites and the logo. So, when I got home, I started sketching until I nailed it. I did about 65 sketches just trying to work out what I envisioned. But I can't really share this until the wedding invites go out. 😬

Another thing I did on the trip was to manually unsubscribe from a bunch, and I mean a bunch of emails I don't care for anymore. If you use or have used a service like Unroll Me, please know that it really doesn't unsubscribe you. Those emails are actually going to the trash. Plus, you should know that Unroll Me sells your data. When I heard about this, I deleted my account and I got all of those supposedly “unsubscribed” emails to the tune of almost 1,000 in the matter of two days. I am a very easily persuaded reader and distractions are my enemy. I know this. So, when I am looking for something, then I find this or that, and I end up subscribing to things I later regret. I will try to be more vigilant from now on. I even considered deleting my Gmail email but, well, that would be complicated.

Well, this is partly what has been going on. Also, many good times with my students this semester encourage me and excite me about them learning. The first day of classes, the juniors clapped when I arrived to the classroom. I almost cried. It was a very sweet moment. They also celebrated my birthday and we even have had our class at the library's Starbucks. I am deeply grateful for the trust and the camaraderie we have been developing.

Lastly, below you I am sharing some of my recent sketches. But if you want to see more, follow me on Instagram at @almahoffmann. That way you keep up with my daily muse. 😉
© Alma Hoffmann
© Alma Hoffmann
© Alma Hoffmann
© Alma Hoffmann
© Alma Hoffmann
© Alma Hoffmann
© Alma Hoffmann
© Alma Hoffmann
© Alma Hoffmann
© Alma Hoffmann
© Alma Hoffmann
© Alma Hoffmann
Everything you see above can be sold if you are interested. I have not yet uploaded any of this to my stores. As usual, you can find my work and calendars here: Etsy, RedBubble, Threadless, and Zazzle and oversize art work on Saatchi.
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