Boo, © Alma Hoffmann

Hello reader!

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Boo! Haha! I am not a huge Halloween person. When I was growing up it was not a big thing. Unlike today's Halloween, back then it was about unpleasant pranks mostly. So, I never really got into it. And no, my religious schools had nothing to do with it. We dressed up for school parties in elementary school. It was not as hyped as it is today. But, I enjoy the candy, some people's creativity when it comes to costumes, and creating interesting graphics. I created this Boo while hanging out with my students as they were preparing their work for our annual review for admission to our program. I had fun thinking about how to play with the negative space. And speaking of which, my beautiful daughter dressed up as a black widow from the 1950s. It was fun doing her makeup and helping her.
On other news, I think I managed to solve the issues with the images on this site. At least for now! So, now this newsletter has images! Yay!

Let me update you on some things, shall we? I have created two calendars for you to look at and purchase for you or Christmas gifts. You knew about the first one but last time I could not show you some of the image. But yay! Now I can!

Here is a short preview of the first calendar:
This calendar is all about simplicity. I got a copy of this one and it looks really nice. The paper is beautiful too! I made a short video flipping through the pages. You can watch it here.

And then there is this new calendar. I created it using the first and second set of watercolor background textures I made to sell on Creative Market. Take a look! Keep in mind that blues and greens tend to look very translucent on the screen. On paper, they are more opaque.
Watercolor and Lettering 2018 Calendar, © Alma Hoffmann
This calendar is really cool! Each month has a different background and colors! I am going to get a copy of this one too. I'll make a short video and let you know! In the meantime, go and take a look at it here. And not just look but get a few or several for your Christmas gifts! Right now RedBubble is running a 25% sale on the entire site! Which means you will get the calendar for less! Yay!

And since we are on this topic, if you would like to get the first two sets of watercolor background textures, visit Creative Market. These are the two sets:
© Alma Hoffmann
© Alma Hoffmann
Each set comes with 3 watercolor backgrounds. You can use this on your social media posts on Instagram or Facebook, Twitter profile image, etc.. They are JPG files that you can download once your purchase them. Check all the details here. I will be uploading more soon!

Inktober is over! I must confess that I am a little relieved it is over. I had decided to do the majority of the lettering in ink and do short videos of the process. But, wow! These took more time than I cared to spend editing them. Plus, my laptop is at its capacity and videos take a lot of memory space. Nonetheless, it was great to participate. I will probably take a short break from doing another challenge. Or maybe not? Below is the list of rest of the videos or you can go to my YouTube channel and take a look at all of them.
http://prepshipglobal.com/services/ Couple of things before I go:
Don't forget Puerto Rico. There are still a lot of need. If you can help, especially considering that Christmas is around the corner, even a dollar is a dollar more than before, here are some places to donate:
My mom is still managing. Power still comes and goes. But she says that the worse is still the lack of drinkable water.
And with that, I wish you a great weekend and a fabulous week ahead! Until then my friends!
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