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Last time I wrote you an email update, was at the end of January. I was still in the midst of finishing my book. Well, allow me to tell you that I finished! Yes, yes I did. And a day before the deadline. But, let's keep a small dose of reality in sight. It is being reviewed so a good amount of edits will need to be done and Routledge does reserve the right to not publish. So, still done is better than perfect, right? The editors at Routeledge have really been awesome to work with. Very nice and flexible with me. I so appreciate that.

Lessons learned

Writing a book teaches you a few things about the creative process. It is interesting how engaging in other types of creative outlets really informs the usual creative practice. Let me tell you this: writing a book is not for the faint of heart. It needs a lot of focus and stubborn dedication. There were so many times that I was bored, simply bored of the content. Or I wanted to do anything else but the book. Thankfully, I have an amazing support system in my in-laws and my husband. The biggest cheerleaders of this endeavor were and are my in-laws. They do suffer and rejoice with each setback and victory. It has really been amazing to feel that this book mattered to them as much as it matters to me, albeit dragging myself at times. For the most part, I worked hard at it. Wrote almost daily and even when writing was heavy on me, I would do something related to the book.

The biggest lesson I learned? Glad you asked. Well, it will sound stupid and simple: read and follow the instructions. Yes. I am not huge on reading instructions as I like to figure out how things work on my own. But had I done that, the last part of my ordeals would have been smoother. Live and learn.
Ironic I know, since I am famous for telling my students to READ THE SYLLABUS! 😂


My niece got married this March. It was a very emotional and meaningful wedding. All this time I have been wanting to tell you that she was going to wear my dress. But I couldn't. So, I have been waiting and now I can not only tell you, I can show you! Kathy I know you remember my niece Claudia from when she was little and my dress! Take a look!


Here is a screenshot of a marketing email promoting a font. Tell me if you see what is wrong with it. I tested my kids too. Go on, observe it carefully and send me an email telling me what is wrong with it. 😊
Did you figure it out?

On other news. My friend Kathy sent me a beautiful book she found at her local library's old book sale. It is a book illustrated by none other than the famous designer Milton Glaser. It made me so happy! Thank you Kathy!!


My show in July got moved to September 2019 at the Mobile Arts Council. I asked to be moved because I suspect I will be working on edits and finalizing things for printing. My show in Ames, IA is still in 2020. But, I still need your help with with themes and show titles. Please chime in!

I have not uploaded new art work to my online stores due to working on the book. But, you can check out my Instagram feed and if there is something you like, send me an email and I will upload that file to the stores: RedBubble, Threadless, and Zazzle. On Etsy, I will only sell digital files such as practice sheets and things like that.

Here are some things I have done lately on my super duper iPad Pro and with pencil too.
© Alma Hoffmann, 2019
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