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Hello reader!

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Another month down! And a month closer to my deadline for the book! Ay, ay, ay. Just a little bit nervous, that is all.
A few things that happened this month worth sharing. A huge thank you to my Mom in law, Linda. She decided to buy me an iPad Pro for my research and I have loved every second of it. I always knew I was going to like it a lot. But, this toy far exceeded my expectations. As soon as I started to use it felt like the thing that was missing in my process. I still love paper. But this device has been developed for people like me. The response and tactile sensitivity is the smoothest I have experienced on a device. But its response is without a glitch or delay, at least perceptible delay. It is as natural as using a pencil and paper; immediate and an extension of the hand. Lovely. Absolutely lovely. The image above was created on the iPad Pro.

But, then, Apple released its 3rd generation iPad Pro and pencil with much more improvements and performance. I was off by 4 days in my warranty when the new one came out. But, I decided to call Apple anyway and see if there was any way they would let me return it for a full refund. And to my surprise, they did! Now, I am just waiting on the refund to be processed to buy the new one. Below are images of some of the things I did on the iPad Pro.

All images, Alma Hoffman, 2018
I also attended SECAC this year to present a paper with my graduate student, Keith Wall. His research and thesis project received a lot of compliments along with lots of business cards for possible teaching jobs. I am so proud of his work and him. It has been a pleasure and an honor to be part of his project and mentoring him. Below is a picture of us together and the rest of the panel.
To my right, Keith Wall. To my left, Dana Ezzell Lovelace and Kevin Cates
I continue working on the book though I will confess that the chapter I have been working on, has been hard and challenging. I have always had trouble focusing when I deal with a lot of information or data. I get overwhelmed, everything feels important, and I ramble in my writing when I am in that state. The good thing is that I know it. The bad thing is that I know it and I tend to put a lot of pressure on me. But, thankfully, Tyson is great at helping me focus. He is my best and worse critic. When I hand him a chapter, in that moment, I know if what I have been writing is bad or good. And I wait for the news. My editors got in touch with me and because they were impressed with my progress, decided to give me an extra month. Again, bittersweet. It is great and at the same time, I am looking forward to get done. But, knowing myself, the moment I get done, I will probably start another book.

My tenure files are all turned in. Now it is a waiting period. In January I meet with my boss for a temperature reading. We will see how it goes then.


Here is a fun and interesting little quiz. Want to know which fountain pen is your style? Go to this link: Pen Brands to Match Your Style on The Goulet Pen Company blog page.

New Show!

In addition to the upcoming show in July 2019, I will have another show in the summer of 2020! This one will be at one of the galleries at the Iowa State Memorial Union, Ames, IA. I am so excited! I remember when I was in grad school looking at these walls and thinking, I would love for my work to be on these walls one day. And now, it is happening!

Help me with themes? And names?

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