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I divide my time between being a freelance designer, teaching design and many, many other things. Among them sketching, doodling… letting my mind interact with my hand to take me anywhere they want to. I do not set a topic or an idea. I just let my hand go and my mind finds patterns or things. Some of the time or most of the time these are not recognizable but I do not mind. I like to have these moments of seeming nothingness draw and redraw things.

Yesterday I had a faculty meeting… my boss is very good at keeping us on time and on the agenda. Something I appreciate profoundly. But yesterday I also read some of the students’ evaluations and noticed how upset they were at the fact that I dared give them work and more work. Thus, without going into much detail about that, I was feeling a bit down, under-appreciated and sad. While sitting at the meeting, I realized I did not want to be there. I wanted to leave and be somewhere else… So I let my mind take me to a fantasy world that only happens on my doodling. But first I should show you my doodle from the previous meeting:



And at the actual meeting, the one we were discussing above, here is what I was doing…


For some reason while at the meeting, the word pharmaceutical came to my mind… I have no idea why…. and I started to play with it…



This is the point then when I realize my doodles are getting serious… so I am going to get my sketch pad from my bag now…  But then I remembered that on my way to the meeting I had passed 4 guys in suits and ties talking about some meeting they had. They were really irritated about this person (I am assuming it was a woman because of the way they talked) getting up from the meeting and leaving expressing some unsavory words to them. Needless to say the men were GOSSIPING!!! about her!! I found it humorous how they were going on and repeating the words the person said “I am mot part of the team… @#!*& you!!! So I had to draw that too!


And this is where my mind starts to drift off telling me it is 3:00pm finally! and time to pick up and go!


Photo by RCabanilla

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  1. almahoffmann
    August 23


    Thank you for looking!

  2. almahoffmann
    August 23


    Thanks!! hehehe…

  3. Junia
    August 22

    You must be thinking about where I work. 🙂 Love those doodles…

  4. Tyson
    August 22

    I like the In a Meeting doodle.

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